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Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management is available to adults and children.  Telepsychiatry is available at St. Cloud for adults and in Monticello for children.  If medication is being considered, clients have the convenience of being evaluated for med management at the same location they are receiving psychotherapy.  For services available at specific sites, please contact the appropriate office listed under the next section.

Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Psychological Testing is available to adults, families, and children.  Marital counseling is also available.  A variety of outpatient psychotherapy services is provided at all four locations.  Adults, children and adolescents can be seen individually or with family members.   CMMHC also offers a variety of therapy groups which address specific disorders or are organized according to gender and age specifications.  Regardless of the type of psychotherapy involved, all services are provided by experienced psychologists, licensed clinical social workers or marriage and family therapists within a multidisciplinary team setting.   Please contact each applicable site for programming and groups offered.  Appointment availability will vary depending on area.

St. Cloud Office:              Phone:  320.252.5010                  Fax: 320.252.0908

Buffalo Office:                 Phone:  763.682.4400                  Fax: 763.682.1353

Monticello Office:           Phone:  763.295.4001                 Fax: 763.295.5086

Elk River Office:               Phone:  763.441.3770                  Fax: 763.441.9057

Adult Day Treatment  is offered at our St. Cloud and Buffalo sites and serves adults with a primary diagnosis of serious or serious and persistent mental illness.  Recipients may also have co-occurring chemical use diagnoses and/or co-occurring brain injury. Day Treatment runs Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until noon in St Cloud and Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m. to noon in Buffalo.  Participants are expected to attend at least 2 days and up to 5 days per week dependent on need and space available in the program. The goal of Day Treatment is to reduce or relieve the effects of mental illness and provide training to enable recipients to live in the community with improved functioning at work, school, and/or social relationships. Treatment is provided by a multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals and practitioners under the supervision of a Qualified Clinical Supervisor. Therapeutic interventions include: Mindfulness skills education and practice, Motivational Interviewing, Illness Management and Recovery, Integrated Dual Diagnosis Strategies, Social skills education and practice, and Group Psychotherapy.  Intake and start date are typically within 2-4 weeks of referral dependent on current available Diagnostic Assessment. Day Treatment – St Cloud site also provides Weekend Wind Up, a social recreational program primarily on Fridays from noon to 3:00 pm which focuses on providing qualified recipients fun opportunities to build and practice social skills both on site and in the community. Several social events during the year are Friends and Family events as well. Calendars available for pick up, fax, or mailing.

      Referrals for Buffalo and St. Cloud sites:

        Tammy Wedde                    Phone:  320.202.2056       Fax:  320.203.1855

      Clinical Supervisors:

        St. Cloud Theresa Solarz                    Phone:  320.202.2047

Buffalo – Kayla Levtzow                        Phone:  763.682.7237

Community Support Program (CSP)  is available to adults diagnosed with serious mental illness at our Buffalo location for Wright County residents and Elk River location for Sherburne county residents. CSP aims to assist those who experience serious mental illness to maintain a dignified and meaningful quality of life by providing the opportunity for them to attend events that are social, educational, recreational, and include daily living skills.  This includes a variety of peer supported activities which may include: educational seminars, games, movies, dining out, art, fishing, and many others depending upon location.

Sherburne County residents, please contact our Elk River staff at 763-441-3770 regarding more information, a copy of the flier, or other questions.

Wright County residents, please contact our Buffalo CSP staff at 763-682-7242 staff regarding more information, schedule of events, or other questions.

Click HERE  to view a calendar of events available to Wright County residents.


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