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Intensive Residential Treatment Services (IRTS) are for individuals who are experiencing significant difficulty with daily life activities as a result of a serious mental illness that is in need of a more restrictive setting to prevent functional deterioration and meets statutory criteria.  IRT Services are intended to be short term (30-90 days) and directed toward transition to a more permanent living situation in the community.  Services are located in St. Cloud  but are not county specific.

IRTS programs offer a range of mental health treatment service components in order to provide comprehensive 24 hour care.  Treatment components are designed to promote recovery through the use of established rehabilitative principles and best practices based on contemporary research.  These include:  Illness Management and Recovery skills education, Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment, Family Education, independent living skills instruction, nursing services, individual and group therapy.  Additionally needs are addressed through the development of individualized treatment plans.

Typically therapy, nursing care, and rehabilitative services are covered through Medical Assistance (MA) and/or individual health insurance plans.  Individuals who have a source of monthly income (i.e. social security, unemployment, employer disability payments) will be responsible for all or part of daily room and board costs.  Please fax information.

Alyshia Bills – St. Cloud (Northway) contacts:

Phone:  320.252.8648                  Fax: 320.529.4909

Residential Adult Crisis Stabilization provides a short term safe place to stay while working through a mental health crisis.  The unit has 24/7 staff availability.  Individual and group counseling is offered, as well as education to enable people to both manage and recover from mental illness.  All admissions are voluntary.  The unit is five beds.  Screening is done by phone and admission by bed availability.

          Phone:  320.253.5555                  Fax:  320.257.6053

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