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Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management is available to adults and children.  Telepsychiatry is available at St. CIoud, Monticello and Elk River.  If medication is being considered, clients have the convenience of being evaluated for med management at the same location they are receiving psychotherapy.  For services available at specific sites, please contact the appropriate office listed under the next section.

Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Psychological Testing is available to adults, families, and children. Marital counseling is also available.  A variety of outpatient psychotherapy services is provided at all four locations.  Adults, children and adolescents can be seen individually or with family members.   CMMHC also offers a variety of therapy groups which address specific disorders or are organized according to gender and age specifications.  Regardless of the type of psychotherapy involved, all services are provided by experienced psychologists, licensed clinical social workers or marriage and family therapists within a multidisciplinary team setting.   Please contact each applicable site for programming and groups offered.  Appointment availability will vary depending on area.

Adult and Children’s Mental Health Targeted Case Management (MH TCM) is based in St. Cloud and serves adults with serious and persistent  mental illness and children with severe emotional disturbance who meet the requirements for Minnesota Rule 79 case management services who are PMAP recipients of Medica, Health Partners and U-Care of Stearns, Benton, Sherburne and Wright counties.  Case Management Services help adults and children gain access to needed medical, social, educational, vocational, financial and other necessary services.  The services offer assistance and support in navigating various systems to obtain needed mental health services;  assess and determine levels of care and support needed  and refer to individuals to appropriate services; monitor and review services to ensure the most efficient service delivery; and help establish a primary care physician and dentist.  Referrals are processed in ten (10) working days with a current approved Diagnostic Assessment.  Please fax information.

           Karen O’Konek – contact:                       Phone:     320.257.4222            Fax: 320.240.2053

0-5 EIFS (Early Intervention Family Services) are outpatient mental health therapy services based out of our Midtown Square location with availability at all locations, including the St. Cloud Main Campus, Buffalo, Elk River and Monticello. CMMHC is a 2014 recipient of the DHS Award of Excellence for our implementation of Integrative 0-5 services. Over the last five years, CMMHC has been awarded two grants to support this important work. Our DHS 0-5 grant and our DHS Integrative 0-5 grant has allowed us to implement truly integrated care for primary caregivers and their 0-5 year olds. Our clinical staff has had the opportunity to participate in DHS approved evidence based trainings and obtain certification to become part of a state registry.  Evidence based interventions may include Child Parent Psychotherapy, Parent Child interactive Therapy, and Attachment Bio-behavioral Catch-up Therapy; Circle of Security Groups. Because we know how important the parent child relationship is we also offer Outpatient mental Health services to adults with mental health concerns who parent children under five.  Our Mental Health Practitioners have participated in attachment and early developmental trainings so they are capable of identifying the needs of young children when providing adult services. Our team delivers a trauma informed, culturally sensitive, multigenerational approach with a strong focus on relationships. Ninety percent (90%) of brain development occurs by age five with the first three years being vital.  Early intervention is the best way to support the healthy parent-child attachment and development of your child.

                Jolene Buhs – Service Contact:                 Phone:  320.230.0611            Fax:  320.251.4175

                Mary Linn – Clinical Supervisor:               Phone:  320.200.8334             Fax:  320.251.4175

Midtown Square Complex (Entrance by St. Cloud Family Restaurant)

3333 West Division Street; Suite 209 ––– St. Cloud, MN 56301

School-Linked Mental Health (SLMH) services are provided to students in Kindergarten through 12th Grade in the following districts: Albany, Buffalo, Delano, Kimball, Maple Lake, Monticello, ROCORI, Sartell, and Sauk Rapids.

Available Services provided by SLMH Therapists:

    • Diagnostic Assessments
    • Individual and Family Therapy
    • Individual Skills Training
    • Group Skills Training
    • Mental Health Crisis Intervention Services
    • Suicide assessments and safety planning
    • Clinical Care Coordination with teachers, county, parents, and other providers
    • Psychoeducation Services
    • Parent, Teacher, and Administration Consultations
    • School Meetings and Attendance at IEP/Special Education meetings
    • Presentations for staff, parents, and students on various mental health topics
    • Referrals to other services as needed

Referrals are made directly to the SLMH Therapist, School Social Worker, or Guidance Counselor.

For more information about the SLMH program please contact:

Steven Loos, Psy.D, LP – Director of Outpatient Services    763.271.5312

Children’s Therapeutic Foster Care is provided at the Buffalo site and services Wright County.  The program helps to support children and families while the child is in foster care. Therapy will focus on the child’s needs as well as the family, foster parents, and/or adoptive parents’ skills to effectively parent the child.  In addition, therapy will focus on the child’s transition either back to their biological family’s home, to an adoptive, home, or into the community as an adult.  Therapy may continue to be available once the child has transitioned into their final placement.  Services may be utilized to prevent out of home placements when needed.  Referrals made through Wright County Social Services.

          Buffalo Office:                        Phone:  763.682.4400


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