While CMMHC has always used an integrated care approach, by becoming a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic we have improved access to a wide variety of services to meet the overall health needs of our clients. A key component to this model is that all providers work together as a team on a client’s treatment plan and goals. Please read the Letter to Community Members and FAQ’s to learn more about this new service delivery model.

Hello to all current and prospective CMMHC clients!

We are excited to announce that in September 2021, Central MN Mental Health Center
will be a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC).

Below are some Q & A’s to assist you in better understanding this transition.

Q: Is Central MN Mental Health Center (CMMHC) changing their name?
A: No, CMMHC will remain CMMHC. The CCBHC is a certification we will have.

Q: What do I need to do to be part of the CCBHC services at CMMHC?
A: All clients will be asked for some information at intake so we can make sure we are
providing services that improve both physical and mental health. We use the data or
information to see if what we are doing makes a difference, and if not, then we can
make changes for the better.

Q: What are the changes CMMHC will make as a CCBHC?
A: CCBHC’s focus on better service delivery, so improving the services we currently
offer and making access easier are the main changes. CMMHC will also offer some
new services, such as Medication Assisted Recovery (MAR), a Comprehensive
Evaluation (DA), and Integrative Treatment planning for all clients.

Q: What is Integrated Treatment planning?
A: All of your CMMHC providers and any supports you want to include, will work
collaboratively to create an integrative treatment plan with you. The plan is
person-centered, which means we want to make sure your treatment goals are ones
you want to work on. All your providers will share the same treatment plan.

Q: How will the above changes affect my current services I am receiving at CMMHC?
A: Your services will remain the same, but you may notice more deliberate
coordination of your care with a focus on person-centered treatment. We also will be
increasing our Certified Peer Specialist workforce to increase client access to
receiving support from people with lived experience.

Q: Will I still be able to control how my care is coordinated with all my providers?
A: Within CMMHC providers coordinate care when seeing a common client. We will
need a release to exchange information with any community providers you see,
including primary care.

Q: What will the “coordination of care” look like?
A: At CMMHC we already coordinate your care, so if you are currently receiving
services through us you might not notice much difference. You may be assigned a
Targeted Case Manager (TCM) or a Care Navigator (CN) depending on what you
qualify for and how many services you are receiving. The TCM or CN will be your team
Lead and coordinate with your providers at CMMHC to ensure they are all on the
same page in providing the best care possible.

Q: This sounds great, but will all this cost me more?
A: No, there will not be any extra costs. CMMHC will always bill insurance first. There is
a sliding scale if your insurance does not cover everything. For example, private
insurance does not cover some of our services. Under the CCBHC you will be able to
access those services based on the sliding fee scale.

Please call the Waite Park office at 320-230-0611 and ask for the billing office for any questions about payments and insurance.

Please, feel free to ask questions and give us feedback so we can continue to make CMMHC a place where you receive quality care with competent staff who care about your health and wellness.

Hello Community Members,

In September 2021, Central Minnesota Mental Health Center (CMMHC) will begin operating as a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC).

CCBHC is an accreditation and a model of care which is spreading across the US and has demonstrated excellent results for the hundreds of thousands of people CCBHCs serve. CMMHC is pleased to have achieved CCBHC accreditation and to be bringing this proven model of care to central Minnesota.

Today, 340 CCBHCs are operating in 40 states, plus Washington, D.C. and Guam. Minnesota currently has 10 operating CCBHCs with several more on the path to certification over the next couple of years.
As a CCBHC, CMMHC will incorporate a new service delivery approach with a focus on:

  • Improved access to a wide array of mental, physical, and chemical health services.
  • Intentional communication and coordination among all providers working with common clients.
  • Person-centered care that respects the unique needs of individuals and families.
  • A team-based approach in the development of treatment plan goals.
  • Utilizing evidence-based best practices to improve overall health outcomes.

Care coordination is a primary focus within a CCBHC, and we have developed best practices to coordinate and integrate care with hospitals and other medical and social service providers.

This innovative care model has allowed Minnesotans to access and receive coordinated care in the most appropriate settings, increasing the likelihood that care will be received before a person enters into crisis, which lessens the reliance on emergency departments and inpatient beds for mental health services. According to the National Council for Mental Wellbeing, "CCBHC patients report a 61.6% reduction in hospitalization and a 62.1% reduction in ED visits."

We welcome any questions you may have and encourage ongoing conversations with us regarding the positive effects these changes can have on individuals and families living within the communities we serve.