Detox – Withdrawal Management

Detox is a clinically monitored residential Withdrawal Management Program that specializes in assisting you through withdrawal from alcohol and other substances safely.

Detoxification (Detox) is the process that aids the body in eliminating substances while effectively treating withdrawal symptoms with medications and nursing interventions. Detox is the first step to help you begin to change the pattern of substance use while providing access to critical resources that aid in ongoing recovery.

Length of Stay: You can expect your stay in the Withdrawal Management Program to be at least 72 hours. This initial period is crucial, as it poses the greatest danger for experiencing withdrawal. Withdrawal from alcohol and other substances can cause life-threatening conditions requiring immediate medical intervention. Specially trained clinical staff and nursing personnel conduct complete health and withdrawal assessments while providing therapeutic interventions such as giving medications to reduce the negative symptoms of withdrawal.

Services Provided: In addition to Withdrawal Management services, you can expect to meet with a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) within 72 hours of intake. The LADC provides an individual assessment and diagnosis while helping to identify possible referrals and recommendations. You will also participate in group therapy during your stay. Care Coordination services can assist you in collaborating with other agencies and with significant others; these services include but are not limited to follow-up to appropriate medical services and referrals to chemical health services, mental health services, economic assistance, and social services to support continued care. Non-clinical specialists may provide Peer Support services to aid recovery. Certified Peer Recovery Specialists (CPRS) provide support and hope to individuals and families by sharing their stories and serving as role models for wellness by offering the perspective of similar significant life experiences.

What to Bring: Due to being a short-stay program, you can only bring limited personal belongings. If in your possession, you should bring a valid photo identification, insurance card, cell phone, and current prescription medications in the original pharmacy bottles. According to policy, the Withdrawal Management Program permits the consumption of specific nicotine products throughout your stay. You should bring a sufficient supply of cigarettes sealed in the original cellophane wrapping or disposable nicotine vapes in the original sealed packaging. You must wear our facility's clothing, and we will provide toiletries throughout your stay.

Referral: If you need withdrawal management services, please call the number below to discuss admission criteria and bed availability.

Phone 320.252.6654
Fax 320.774.3076

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