CD Outpatient

CMMHC provides Rule 31 Outpatient Chemical Dependency (CD) Treatment Services to adults and adolescents with both chemical and mental health disorders. Treatment services for adults are available in St. Cloud, Buffalo, and Monticello, with additional programming specific to adolescents in Monticello. Customized to the circumstances and culture of each individual, the services emphasize an evidence-based practice model developed by Dartmouth University which improves quality of life through the strategic integration of substance abuse and mental health services.

We promote addressing both mental health and substance abuse through collaboration of treatment plans and consultation with a goal of recovery. A multi-disciplinary team works with each individual and encourages family involvement. Psycho-education is provided to families and/or significant others.

Adult Intensive Outpatient Chemical Dependency Programming

Adult Intensive Outpatient Chemical Dependency Programming (IOP) is a group-focused, non-residential substance program offered to adults at our St. Cloud, Monticello and Buffalo locations. IOP offers nine hours of treatment per week with a typical duration of 10-12 weeks, depending upon each individual’s needs and participation. Groups meet three hours each day, three days a week for the first six to seven weeks and two days a week for the remaining three to five weeks. Transition to outpatient or aftercare groups is available for continuing care needs.

Prevention 4 Teens

Prevention 4 Teens (P4T) is an education-based substance use prevention program for youth ages 12-18 who are experiencing problems associated with alcohol or other drug use but do not meet diagnostic criteria for a substance use disorder or more formal interventions. Available in Buffalo and Monticello, P4T provides education, support and guidance for teens and their parents through two sessions with a counselor. The fee for this class is $100 and must be paid in full prior to the class.

For more information, contact:

St. Cloud Office

Phone: 320.252.5010

Fax: 320.252.0908

Buffalo Office

Phone: 763.682.4400

Fax: 763.682.1353

Monticello Office

Phone: 763.295.4001

Fax: 763.295.5086

Meet Our Providers

St. Cloud

Kaitlyn Lewis- BS, LADC

Kaitlyn is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor in the state of Minnesota. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in chemical dependency and community psychology, at St. Cloud State University. She has experience in both outpatient and residential treatment facilities, and has worked with adults and adolescents. Her expertise lies within group therapy, chemical dependency evaluations, and twelve step programs. Her approaches include motivational interviewing, client-centered, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Kaitlyn hopes to assist clients with reaching their goals in their sobriety.

Abby Charlson-BS, LADC

Abby is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor through the Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy. Abby completed her Bachelor’s degree in chemical dependency counseling and community psychology at St. Cloud State University. She has worked in various settings such as residential treatment, halfway houses, and outpatient settings with various age groups, cultures and genders. Her expertise lies within utilizing the group process, family system, relapse prevention, independent life skills, stress management, and education on co-occurring disorders. Abby believes in incorporating various counseling methods to help assist clients reach their goals in all areas of their lives while recovering from addiction.


Teresa Halloran- LADC

Teresa is licensed by the state of Minnesota as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She has extensive experience with the Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step approach and working with families in addiction.  Teresa has enjoyed working with adolescents and young adults along with their families educating them on addiction and offering them hope for recovery.  Teresa uses a multifaceted therapeutic approach, concentrating on meeting clients where they are at and treating them with dignity and respect. Teresa holds an Associate in Science degree in Addiction Counseling.

Andrew Sudbeck- LADC

Andrew is licensed by the state of Minnesota as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor. His expertise lies in the area of Chemical Dependency Evaluations, Group Counseling, Cognitive Behavioral, 12-Step Programs, CD Evaluations, and Group therapy.  In addition he has extensive experience working with mental health professionals and family therapists. His approaches include motivational interviewing, twelve-step facilitation, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and Solutions Focused Therapy to assist clients in meeting their own unique goals. Andrew holds Bachelors’ degrees in Chemical Dependency Counseling and Community Psychology from Saint Cloud State University.


Danielle Brant- MSW, LICSW, LADC

Danielle is a dually licensed therapist, with experience in both the chemical health and mental health fields.   Her expertise lies in the area of co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders at the individual, couples, and family systems  level.   In working with adolescents, adults, couples, and families, Danielle assists clients with presenting concerns that typically include depression, anxiety, ADHD, separation/divorce, behavioral concerns, criminal justice involvement, and life transitions.  Danielle uses a client centered and strengths-based approach, holding the strong belief that individuals are the experts in their own lives.  Danielle holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of St. Thomas, as well as Bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Dependency Counseling and Community Psychology.

Erin Simonson- BA, LADC

Erin is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor through the state of Minnesota. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with emphasis in Chemical Dependency Counseling from Argosy University in 2006 and is currently enrolled in the Masters of Social Work program through the University of North Dakota. Erin became licensed in MN as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor in 2006. She has practiced in residential and outpatient chemical dependency treatment programs. Erin also has experience working as a Mental Health Practitioner and Mental Health Education Manager for a Children’s Mental Health program.  Erin is passionate about client-centered care and utilizes an eclectic approach to counseling that includes: cognitive approaches, motivational interviewing, family systems, person-in-environment, and etc. in order to meet the individual needs of the client. Erin has a desire for educating and informing people and communities about the many complexities related to addiction and mental health.

Catherine Wurm- BA, LADC

Catherine is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor with the state of Minnesota. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Argosy University with a concentration in chemical dependency and has experience working in both residential and outpatient treatment settings. Caty specializes in providing chemical use assessments for individuals of all ages as well as chemical dependency treatment services for the adult population. She utilizes viewpoints and techniques from various theories and practices to assist clients in obtaining their own individual goals as well as overcoming obstacles to live the best possible life.

Karen Glover- BS, LADC

Karen is licensed by the State of Minnesota as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Psychology and Chemical Dependency from St. Cloud State University. She has experience working with diverse populations in residential, outpatient and correctional settings. She has considerable experience with Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 step programs. Karen believes in person-centered care and meeting individuals where they are at and offers a deep understanding of how substance use disorders can affect the entire person and those they are close to.