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As a part of CMMHC’s Chemical Health Services, a chemical health evaluation offers the opportunity to sit with an expert in the field, a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC), and discuss your relationship with alcohol or other substances. This tool assesses you from a “whole person” perspective to help you determine whether changes are necessary regarding your drug or alcohol use. It provides you with a chance to evaluate whether your alcohol or substance use is problematic, to sort it out, and to talk with a LADC about it without a commitment to treatment or further services. 

The initial chemical health evaluation appointment is collaborative and takes a client-centered approach. It includes a face-to-face interview to gather information on a wide range of topics regarding past and current use of alcohol and drugs, previous treatment and relapse history, health, well-being, employment, relationships, and legal history. You also provide permission to reach out to someone you know well who can give information helpful to the assessment process. Upon completion, the assessment determines whether you meet the diagnostic criteria for a substance use disorder, whether there is a need for treatment, and recommends the appropriate level of care.

Assessment recommendations vary from person to person. They can be as simple as speaking to a healthcare professional about options regarding quitting smoking or more complex, like attending treatment for alcohol or drug-related issues. The important part is using the knowledge gathered from the assessment to move forward with the decision-making process regarding your chemical health.

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