Children and Family Services

CMMHC focuses on helping children and families cope with mental health challenges to manage their lives more effectively. By teaching skills and providing education on dealing with problems, we help to foster the bond between parent and child.

Children & Family Services responds to and supports the unique needs of families, focusing on specific areas to meet their needs. Click to find out more details about each service.

Adult counselor with patient

Early Intervention

Specialized outpatient services designed for parents with children under age five and the family unit as a whole who have or are experiencing mental health concerns

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School Linked Mental Health (SLMH)

Partnered with school districts, students through 12th grade with mental health concerns can access mental health services to improve functional outcomes in the school setting

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Children’s Therapeutic Services and Support

Home or community – based support for children with mental health concerns that interfere with daily functioning – developing skills to recover lost abilities or restoring them to typical developmental levels.

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