Community Support Program (CSP)

Our Community Support Program (CSP) assists Sherburne and Wright county residents experiencing serious mental illness in achieving and maintaining a dignified and meaningful quality of life. Offered in Buffalo and Elk River, we provide opportunities for program participants to increase socialization, live independently and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. A University of Minnesota study, led by David R. Jacobs, PHD, discovered that young adults who exercise and socialize regularly reported better mental health than peers who don’t. Some of the events that CSP offers include but are not limited to:

~ Peer support group
 ~ Dining out

~ Games
  ~ Art

~ Movies
~ Fishing 

Assistance in Independent Living Skills (AILS)

CSP in Wright County also offers Assistance in Independent Living Skills (AILS) for clients with serious and persistent mental illness who already receive services from Wright County Mental Health Case Management and/or CMMHC. Based in the home or community, AILS is a service that offers support, assistance and instruction to help our clients build and maintain daily living skills which are negatively impacted by mental health symptoms. No insurance is necessary for this service.

Wright County Domestic Violence Program (DVP)

The DVP program is a 24-week group based on the Duluth Domestic Abuse Intervention Project’s Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter curriculum.  The cost of group is $30 per week.  Participants should be referred by the court/probation, Child Protective Services, or may participate voluntarily after completing a Diagnostic Assessment at CMMHC.

Please contact the Buffalo Office to register for orientation or for more information:

Phone: 763.682.4400

Fax: 763.682.1353


For more information, contact:

Buffalo Office
Elk River Office

(Wright County residents) – CSP and AILS
(Sherburne County residents) – CSP

Phone: 763.682.7242
Phone: 763.441.3770

Fax: 763.682.1353
Fax: 763.441.9057