Health Integration Program

Most of us are used to visiting our primary care providers for physical ailments and seeking help for mental health services from another resource. Yet, it’s not uncommon for a mental health diagnosis to affect our overall physical health and well-being. Together with medical providers from CentraCare Health, CMMHC offers a comfortable environment where our clients can receive a variety of services at one location.

Our Health Integration Program (HIP) offers a team of caring professionals ranging from primary care providers and nursing staff to counselors and peer wellness coaches. Educational, individual and group sessions that focus on health and wellness. Coordination of care to ensure easy access to services for physical health, mental health, co-occurring and substance use disorders. Our Health Integration Program offers a variety of groups and classes to support your mental and physical wellness including:

~WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning)

~Co-Occurring Mental and Substance Use Disorders

~Nutrition and Wellness

~Healthy Living (Tobacco and You)

~Social Walking


The Health Integration Program promotes an accessible, client-driven, integrated alliance while using a whole person approach to promote health, wellness and recovery.

For more information, contact:


Phone: 320.656.7195

HIP has been made possible through a four-year Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration Grant provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Referred participants will be asked to participate in anonymous data gathering to further substantiate the need for these services. Participation is voluntary. Receiving primary care service is not dependent on participation with the grant.

Meet our Providers

Ashley Conner-BS, MHP

Ashley graduated at St. Cloud State with her degree in Community Psychology.  She was certified in Integrated Care Management by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester in March 2018. Ashley has over 10 years of experience working with both children and adults who live with mental health barriers.  Ashley oversees the day-to-day operations and service delivery for the Health Integration Program at Central MN Mental Health Center.  While working as a targeted case manager, Ashley consistently noticed barriers that were affecting client’s mental and physical well-being.  Ashley became interested in health integration and implementing primary and behavioral health care services within CMMHC during this time.  Ashley realizes the vital connection between physical and mental health and is motivated to implement a program that delivers both effectively.

Beth Rhoads- MA, LMFT

Beth completed a Masters of Arts degree in Adlerian Counseling Psychotherapy through Adler Graduate School in Richfield and holds a licensure in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Beth worked for Head Start as a Family Education Specialist for 10 years and served on the Children’s Mental Health Committee before joining CMMHC team in fall of 2009. Beth has had roles in ARMHS, Day Treatment, Targeted Case Management and outpatient therapy, leading to the position of Director of Health Integration.  The purpose of this role is to expand health Integration to all CMMHC programs and provide support for implementing this philosophy.  Part of her position is serving as the Project Director for the SAMHSA Behavioral Health and Primary Care Grant, and coordinating a MN DHS 0-5 Family Integration grant. Beth promotes a multi-generational, trauma informed, integrative approach with a primary focus on the best experience possible for clients throughout all the programs offered at CMMHC.