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Are you seeking mental health treatment options for yourself or a loved one? Do you need assistance locating long-term mental health resources? A call to our Mental Health Navigator can be the help you are looking for. We’ll sort through the bewildering maze of mental health and social service options out there, so you don’t have to! We can work with you to determine what service and treatment options meet your needs and help you develop connections to quality resources. 


How can Mental Health Navigation Services help me?

When you call, our Mental Health Navigator answers our confidential phone line and listens to your story to find out what you need. We also gather basic information like age, location, and insurance information (if any) to help narrow down service options. From there, the Navigator searches local resources to help determine treatment possibilities and services to meet your specific needs. Options can include therapists, clinics, detox programs, peer support, and other opportunities. These resources are not limited to those housed within CMMHC but can include providers and services outside our offices as needed. If the options recommended don’t work out for some reason, all you need to do is call back, and we can search for another option that is a better fit.


Who are Mental Health Navigators?

Mental Health Navigators are professional and knowledgeable community resource specialists specially trained to guide you to the resources that will help you the most. We are understanding and supportive and respond rapidly to critical and urgent needs – listening, explaining, engaging, discussing, and connecting to identified supports in the community. We have an expansive knowledge of community resources and know how to help you connect to them.


Qualifications for Services

A Mental Health Navigator is aware of service and treatment option requirements to ensure clients have the necessary insurance or other criteria as required.

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Meet Our Team

Merary Rangel

Merary Rangel


Abby Charlson – BS, LADC

Merary Rangel


Merary completed her bachelor's degree in Psychology. Prior to joining CMMHC, she worked as a CNA, a Psychotherapist Intern and Behavioral Health Technician, as well as an ARMHS practitioner. Merary joins CMMHC as a Mental Health Navigator.