Intensive Residential Treatment Services (IRTS)

Intensive Residential Treatment Services (IRTS) provide short-term, 24-hour residential care in a structured setting for individuals experiencing significant difficulty with daily living activities resulting from a serious mental illness. These services offer a range of mental health treatment options focusing on supporting clients as they work towards success in community living – helping with stability, personal and emotional adjustment, self-sufficiency, and skills and strategies for independent living. IRTS addresses the complex needs of individuals in a safe environment to support the successful transition to a more permanent living situation.

Elements of treatment help promote recovery using established rehabilitative principles and best practices based on contemporary research. These include:

Illness management and recovery skills education

Integrated co-occurring treatment

Individual and group therapy

Family education

Independent living skills instruction

Nursing services

Addressing additional needs occurs through the development of individualized treatment plans.

Qualifications for Services

Medical Assistance (MA) or individual health insurance plans typically cover therapy, nursing care, and rehabilitative services. Individuals with a source of monthly income (social security, unemployment, employer disability payments) are responsible for all or part of the daily room and board costs.

These services are located in St. Cloud and are not county-specific.

Meet Our Team

Marlana Koopmeiners

Marlana Koopmeiners

Richard (Rik) Lundgren – MAPL, LADC

Marlana Koopmeiners

Marlana is joining CMMHC as the Program supervisor at IRTS. Previously, she worked in residential care and as a paraprofessional and has worked in CMMHC's Crisis and ARMHS program.

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