Testimonial 7

“CMMHC took a load off my mind by helping me complete forms and access resources and communicating with other providers.”

Testimonial 6

“I’m so glad this place exists and that I know about it in case of future needs. Staff is fantastic!”

Testimonial 5

“I am super thankful that I have the resources I have. Best part is that they genuinely care. I have assistance at every avenue.”

Testimonial 4

“It is helpful that CMMHC provides services at school during the day. This allows families to obtain services no matter what their schedules might be.”

Testimonial 3

“I have always felt that I’ve received the highest quality of mental health services possible with the ICRS/ACT programs and am thoroughly grateful. I have been able to maintain mental health stability because of the exceptional care provided by extraordinary professionals. They have always treated me with the utmost respect and always with dignity.”